About Us

Welcome to Cactus Joys, where joy blossoms in every corner of our boutique! No matter how you stumbled upon CJ, we're immensely grateful to have you join our vibrant community. My name is Macy, and alongside my husband Zack, we're the heart and soul behind this little oasis of happiness.

In our bustling household, chaos and sweetness collide in the most wonderful ways. With two precious little ones, aged 1 and 2, life is a whirlwind of laughter, love, and the occasional tantrum. Despite the busyness, every moment is infused with an abundance of joy that fills our hearts.

Zack's passion for raising and selling show cattle is not just a profession but a reflection of our deep agricultural roots. Growing up surrounded by the sights and sounds of farm life, we've cultivated a profound appreciation for hard work, dedication, and the beauty of nature.

For me, Cactus Joys isn't just a business—it's my true calling. There's an indescribable joy in curating adorable items and sharing them with you, our cherished patrons. Whether it's trendy fashion pieces, whimsical home décor, or unique gifts, each item is handpicked with love and care.

So, whether you're browsing online or stepping into our cozy boutique, know that you're not just a customer—you're a valued member of our CJ family. Thank you for allowing us to spread joy into your lives, one adorable find at a time.